At the moment, we have students who are eligible for Zakat due to financial hardship. The annual expenditure on each student is approximately $4,800.00.

    Our student body is a true representation of the Ummah, with children from more than 15 ethnicities and backgrounds, including Senegal, Jordan, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, Palestine, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Morocco, African American, Egypt, and more.

    We very humbly and earnestly request that you help us in this endeavor. We are working in an underserved and indigent community. Your Zakat donations will be used exclusively for Zakat-eligible causes under the supervision of scholars.

    Support the education for 1 student annually: $4,800.00
    (You can also support more than 1 student)

    Support half yearly: $2,400.00 (Two Installments)

    Support Monthly: $400.00
    (Provide copy of void check to setup monthly ACH collection)

    CITCD strives to serve the community by providing an avenue for Islamic education and community development.

    Brief Update of Our Work

    • Free Muslim Funeral facility for the benefit of Muslims in 60 suburbs over a 45 sq mile radius in Southside of Chicago, South suburbs and Northwest Indiana.
    • Full time Hifz-ul-Quran (Memorization of Quran) for boys and girls (Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm).
    • Full time Islamic Home school group with secular education endeavoring to enhance capabilities in key areas of social, personal and spiritual development (Tarbiyah) by providing core knowledge in an easy and fun environment.
    • Comprehensive Islamic Summer School including Arabic Language, Quran Classes and General Islamic Education.
    • Access of Library and computer infrastructure for further research and exploration.
    • Distributing The Safar Learn about Islam Series (from Safar Publications).
    • Weekend classes for revert Muslim families for students and families enrolled (Sat-Sun 10 am to 1 pm).
    • Islamic education classes for Adult learners.
    • Islamic outreach and Dawah services (Alhamdulillah men and women from 14 year to 70 years have taken shahdah at the center).
    • Youth retreats.
    • Women’s Islamic Education programs.
    • New classes for Sewing and cooking for Girls.
    • Self Defense training.
    • Separate Libraries for Men & Women with computer infrastructure.
    • Conducting community, including Ramadan Food Distribution, Eid Gatherings, Free Health Screening and Hijama for Men and Women.
    • Food pantry, Islamic Literature, Zabiha Halal Meat Distribution.
    • Amid the COVID Pandemic, Alhamdulillah by the Grace of Allah (SWT) and support from our Muslim Community, CITCD has strived to help our neighbors irrespective of their place of origin, ethnicity, religion and cultural backgrounds.
    • Multiple Food drives conducted during the past year
    • Food Distribution on daily basis during the whole month of Ramadan
    • Drive thru Eid Festivities on both Eid-ul-Fitar and Eid-ul-Adha. Distributed meals, toys, bringing semblance of normalcy during the lockdown.
    • Multiple Free Covid Testing on site and home visits for aged/disabled people.
    • Free Distribution of PPE, masks and hand sanitizers.
    • Coordinating and working with elected officials and other NGO’s in their efforts during the Pandemic.
    • Facilitated Financial Assistance program in collaboration with CIOGC-The Council of Islamic Organization of Greater Chicago) for needy and deserving families helping them pay their rents and utilities.

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      CITCD strives to serve the community by providing an avenue for Islamic education and community development.


      CITCD strives to serve the community by providing an avenue for Islamic education and community development.

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