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To support our various causes which will Insha Allah serve our generations to come, we are humbly requesting you to donate generously and reap the rewards of all the good (khair) that will come out of this project. May Allah s.w.t reward you abundantly. Please make dua for these programs to be accepted by Allah s.w.t.


Islamic Teaching Activities



Introduction to Islam

Islam is the way of life prescribed by our creator for the success of mankind in this world and in the hereafter. Allah s.w.t. revealed Islam to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and made him a perfect example for mankind in all aspects of life. To introduce this religion of Islam to the community we aim to conduct classes for teaching fundamentals of Islam at CITCD.


Promoting the understanding of Quran

As Muslims we believe that the Quran is the last revelation from Almighty God. To enlighten our society with this source of guidance, Islamic scholars will impart authentic understanding of the
Holy Quran.


Islamic education for children

To keep our children attached to the Islamic heritage and keep them involved in constructive activities, CITCD will conduct Islamic quiz/Quranic recitation (Qirat) competitions. This will lead to productive utilization of our childrens’ vacation time by conducting short Islamic courses and workshops.


Islamic reading for adults

For the adult muslim learner, CITCD will arrange sessions of Islamic reading from authentic books of Islam.


Teaching recitation of the Quran

The timeless beauty of the divine word of Allah s.w.t. can be realized only when Quran is recited according to the rules of recitation (Tajweed). Insha Allah CITCD will conduct courses for adults interested in learning Tajweed (Quranic recitation)


Islamic library

To enrich our lives with the guidance and wisdom of authentic Islamic literature, CITCD will establish an Islamic library open to the community.


All above services will have separate

arrangement for brothers and sisters.

All are welcome to attend.




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