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To support our various causes which will Insha Allah serve our generations to come, we are humbly requesting you to donate generously and reap the rewards of all the good (khair) that will come out of this project. May Allah s.w.t reward you abundantly. Please make dua for these programs to be accepted by Allah s.w.t.


Full time Hifz Program with secular education


Nabi (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) stated:


“Whosoever recites the Qur’aan by heart,seeks strength from it by observing its permissibilities and prohibitions, Allah will grant him entry into Jannah and accept his intercession on behalf of ten of his family members upon whom the Jahannum had become incumbent.” (Mishkaat and Qadeemi)


Alhamdulillah, we are pleased to announce that CITCD has been running a full time hifz-ul- Quran program since the start of this academic year. We have open enrollment for this year and we are accepting new admissions for the next academic year. All parents are requested to consider this opportunity and earn perpetual reward lnsha Allah.

Timing and Schedule:

Monday through Friday


Memorization (Hifz) of Quran.

Break for games and activity in Gymnasium.

Memorization (Hifz) of Quran.

Lunch break.

Zuhr Salat.

Secular education (English, Math, Science and Social Studies).


Open enrollment for current academic year


Education provided by experienced teachers in completely Islamic atmosphere with special attention on inculcating Islamic morals and values.


If you are interested in visiting our center or need more details regarding the program please call:


Dr. Danish Ahmed: 312-208-4190 • Br. Iqbal Vohra: 708-574-2713

Mrs. Iqbal Vohra: 708-596-5421 • Mrs. Samir Vohra: 708-439-2621


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