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To support our various causes which will Insha Allah serve our generations to come, we are humbly requesting you to donate generously and reap the rewards of all the good (khair) that will come out of this project. May Allah s.w.t reward you abundantly. Please make dua for these programs to be accepted by Allah s.w.t.


Activity Schedule


Alhamdulillah, only by the grace of Allah SWT Center for Islamic Teachings and Community Development is providing the following services to the Muslim community in the south suburbs of Chicago. CITCD thanks you for your continued support. We encourage one and all to avail of the programs and participate with your friends and family.

Curriculum includes


• Basic concepts of Islam

• Fiqh of taharah (Purification)

• Etiquettes of Islam

• Fiqh of Salaat

• Fiqh of Saum (Fasting)

• Proper recitation of the Quran with Tajweed

Open to public on:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Open to brothers on:

Weekdays and Weekends

Contact Br. A. Mannan at 708-833-0239 or Br. Siddiq Shakir at 708-822-6024


Open to sisters on:

Weekdays and Weekends

Contact Mrs. Iqbal Vohra at 708-596-5421 or Mrs. Samir Vohra at 708-439-2621


All services are free and are run utilizing your precious donations!!!


For further details contact:

Dr. Danish Ahmed: 312-208-4190 • Br. Iqbal Vohra: 708-574-2713

Mrs. Iqbal Vohra: 708-596-5421 • Mrs. Samir Vohra: 708-439-2621


CITCD is a not-for-profit 501 (3) © organization registered with IRS. Please consider us for your charitable donations. We accept ZAKAT. Please specify when making donation for ZAKAT so that it is used for ZAKAT eligible causes.


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